Flow Styler – Vlog Post

Hi friends,

 Today I wanted to talk about working smart instead of working hard. In my experience every time I try to pound myself to work even when I really do not feel like it my performance suffers, I get demotivated, I’m slowed down and I start to question myself and my ability to get things done. So over the years I have learned that pounding myself to submission just ain’t working, baby. It ain’t me. It isn’t how I would treat my friends or family so why treat myself like that?

*When I was just starting my Flow Styler Coaching business I used to do this all the time. I had all these beliefs that I was too slow, too uneducated, too old too… whateva’, and it would spiral me into these most demotivating moods, I do not ever want to encounter again. I was literally demotivating myself to nearly give up on my damn dream. My mission to help people find their Career Flow – their passion, human potential and their purpose in life, like I had done. I had transitioned from the legal field into becoming the artist that I wanted to be and now, I wanted to also to give back.

I don’t know about you but in these situations, when I start to loose my flow, I need to PRESS the
 T- for TIME OUT BUTTON. Cancel. Don’t you dare go there girl! (into the dark place I was before).

*This means doing exactly what I feel like doing in that moment. If that is to have a short power nap, move on to another more exciting task, listen to some amazing uplifting music or podcasts, dance or go for a walk in the sun then so damn be it. Even if you are working for an employer! You. Come. First! Once I return to the work at hand I’m again energized and happy to do it and magically whip through it. How is that possible? I have BEEN TRUE TO MYSELF!!!

*I’m all about disciplined daily action but when there is action there also needs to be rest and downtime. And downtime is part of my business plan. Ain’t no progress without some rest too baby – whatever they say.

*Sometimes the problem is deeper and we need to assess the source of this feeling of not being able to complete the task or work on the task. Then it’s time to check in and see that you are taking care of your needs?

~Am I taking brakes?
~Am I making the most of them and energizing myself ?
~Am I taking care of myself in general with enough sleep, rest, distraction free time to work on the task.
~Am I fueling myself correctly and exercising to gain energy to work.

Boredom, exhaustion, stress, distractions, negative head talk and depression are a SYMPTOMS of an underlying cause which can be resolved when we start to acknowledge it, ask the right questions to help us to come up with a solution and take step by step action to turn it around. Everything is work outable.

*This Corona time has given us a wonderful time to reflect on things. Set our priorities right or notice that our priorities are not right. Wonderful questions to ask are;

~What is the best thing for me?
~If I had no shame or fear what would I do?
~ How can I turn this around?
~What good can come out of this?
~What can I get excited about?

So before you go to bed tonight ask yourself. AM I BEING TRUE TO MYSELF. And wait for the answer. You have the answers within you! And LISTEN, take action and step into YOUR POWER -that is directly linked to you being TRUE to yourself. And when you do, HARD work turns into SMART WORK.

Big love & Stay Safe
 Petra Tourunen xx


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