Goals are
not rigid – Allowing a shift in priorities

In March I
was back from my wonderful holiday to Finland; visiting my family and roots. I
felt relaxed, connected to myself and my goals and itching to get back to my
work routine. This time however there had been a shift in my priorities.
Whereas I had mainly focussed on my Flow Styler practise these past few years I
sensed that now was the time to re-shift my focus and make more space for the
ultimate reason why I started doing what I do; My love and secret deep passion
for the Arts.

Since I can
remember I have always been creative; drawing, story writing, singing, clay
making, creating games and directing imaginary plays with my childhood friends
but after a certain age I stopped as school became the prevailing focus. At
sixteen I realised purely by accident that I could draw exceptionally well
compared to my age group. But at the time none of this registered. I was
rejecting my creative Flow as it did not fit in with my internalised world view
of what constituted a valid career and what the criteria were to choose that
career. Deep down I knew I wanted to be an artist and work in the creative
field. It took me another ten years to actually start to dabble again in the
creative field, trying to find my medium to express my creativity in, and to slowly
believe that indeed they could come true.

Now you
might think; What has this got to do with
? Well, everything. Without my search and development of my Flow(s)
there would be no Flow Styler programme. I have found the journey to finding
and following my Flow(s) so fascinating and challenging that I wanted to reach
out and share the knowledge and research I have gained with you but also to find
others who have been or are in a similar situation. My Flow Styler programme
has thus been the end result of my owner search for my Flow(s).

Where to focus

When I talk
about Flow people many times say ‘I don’t have flow. I’m just not talented in
any area’. I did question this too at one stage. Paradoxically my belief has
also always been that everyone has potential, as Mihaly Csikzentmihaly, founding father of positive psychology writes
in ‘Flow – The classic work on how to
achieve happiness’
. It is just hard sometimes to see it in yourself, says Lucy Whittington – Finding your Thing. Everyone has their unique Flow – and we don’t always
just have one but several Flows, as Sir
Ken Robinson
author of the ‘Element’
believes. Finding your Flow is like finding natural resources, he says, they
need to be unearthed from the depths – of yourself (or the earth). This can thus
seem that you do not possess them. It is difficult to see them at times and
takes patience, trial and self-analysis. And once you find them you can make a
choice in where you put your most attention into developing and when.

What do you believe
are your Flow(s)? What would you want to be? What would you want to develop?

Goals are fluid

Once your
Flow(s) are clear you know what goals need attention. Being in tune with yourselves
and working towards connecting to yourself, you can sense when there is a true
shift needed in your focus.

My start of
year goals did not, for example, reflect my recent shift – focusing on my creative
work more strategically. This does not mean the goal wasn’t important it just
meant that at that stage I wasn’t ready yet and the prevailing focus was on
other things.

Goals are
fluid, reshaping themselves and growing as you grow and shift. If you have
found your Flow(s) – created by your passions and talents – you will know that your goals usually revolve
around these few areas that you have chosen to pursue, working on them on a day
to day basis, shifting and changing depending on the stage of development you
are at with them.

Where do you
see a shift coming? Is a shift in focus due or not?

What do you
do most of your day? What could you do less to inject what you really want to
get done in the daily routine?

Re-shuffle and re-prioritize

Going away
helps you to rise above the routine and mundane rut and can be used to reassess
if you are focusing on the right areas. That is why getting away regularly is
so important to me. It enables your brain to take the distance and reshuffle
the cards, draw out the most important next goals to work on and the most
important areas to focus on.

What do you
do to take distance form your day to day life? How do you help yourself to see
the bigger picture?


all devices is delicious. And it’s not only in Finland that I switch off the internet
or don’t check my phone hourly. When I am home or with friends my internet is
off and phone on silent unless I need it or am expecting a call. Immersing yourself
100% in the moment and being present for those you are with also releases the
brain from thinking about your actions. This is the time to let your brain
immerse itself into the new experiences and enable the creation of that
distance in your everyday reality at home and come up with new solutions.

When do you
disconnect from your devices?

Read my
article on sleep and see how unplugging helps you sleep. Here https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/surprising-benefits-walking-petra-tourunen?trk=mp-author-card

Away and with friends

Taking time
off is a must on my list, even if it is not getting away from the country
staying away or being with friends in a place nearby can have the same
distancing effect. I love the seaside so Brighton is a great quick getaway for
me as are immersing myself in a great chat with a friend, exercise, nature
walks, inspirational talks or a gallery visit. Not thinking about home or your
goals helps to take that fresh new look at your actions and prioritize.

What do you
do to distance and get away? Is this something you do regularly? How does
getting away make you feel when you get back?

Gain new inspiration

Going away
also enables you to be re-inspired by the current projects and gain new
inspiration that feeds our passion and drive. We can’t leave out our own food just because we are feeding others.
In fact, this is when the whole idea of focusing on the self becomes so
important. When you take care of YOU first you will be happy and so will
others. Coming back from my holiday I had a bag full of energy and new insight
into what I will work on next and re-adjusted my goals for the next five months
to include more planned creative time.

What other
ways are there to get your inspiration back? What will you re-adjust?

Have an
amazing start to the summer…what beautiful weather we have had! I think it is
time for my next holiday soon!

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